The goal for the SECA Swim Lesson program is to create a safe, controlled swimming environment through education and training. Thousands of students have been trained to swim and enjoy the water through our program. We strive to maintain discipline, order and most of all, a positive attitude with your chil­dren. Classes are taught by SECA Shark Swim Team coaches and SECA Lifeguards. Classes held Monday – Thursday mornings. (Friday is a weather make up day)

Private Lessons are also available for $20/lesson.  Private Swim Lesson Form

2021 Dates:

  • Session 1: June 21-July 1  (1 Whale Sharks spot remaining)
  • Session 2:  July 5-15  (2 Whale Sharks spots remaining)
  • Session 3:  July 19-29 (2 Whale, 5 Great White Sharks spots remaining)
  • Session 4:  August 2-12 (3 Blue, 6 Whale, 3 Tiger, 8 Mako, 8 Great White Sharks spots remaining)
    • updated 6/15/21, 5:30 pm

If the lesson you desire is not open, consider taking private lessons.

Class Size and Instructor Ratio: 
3 to 5 year old – 6 students (3:1 ratio)
6-12 year old – 8 students (4:1 ratio)

FEE: $70 per session


Sand Sharks (Beginner) Develop safe pool behavior and adjust to the water. Swimmers will work on the basic skills of kicking, paddling, and going under water.

Blue Sharks (Intermediate) – Swimmers will learn to move through water independently. Swimmers will be taught to float and paddle without a float belt.

Mako Sharks (Advanced) – Swimmers will improve stroke skills, build endurance and learn to tread water. Swimmers will also learn sitting and kneeling dives.


Tiger Sharks (Beginner) – Children become acquainted with the water, use flotation devices, and learn to float and paddle.

Whale Sharks (Intermediate) – Swimmers build upon basic skills, float and tread water. Will swim front/back crawl and side-stroke. Swimmers will begin to gain confidence in deeper water.

Great White Sharks (Advanced) – Swimmers further refine and build endurance in front crawl using rotary breathing, backstroke, elementary backstroke, side stroke and diving skills. Swimmers will be introduced to breast stroke, butterfly and basic water rescue skills.

Swimming Lesson Registration

To register:

Print, fill out, and return registration form to SECA.  Payment can be made by cash, check or online-(3% fee added for credit card fees) and is due before the first class.

Online Payment

Questions or concerns:

Call the SECA Office, 717-806-0123 or email,