The park looks fantastic!

You may have noticed that our property got a serious upgrade last week. And for that? We want to extend our heartfelt appreciation to Lowe’s.

Here’s what happened. Lowes employees are encouraged to give back to their community by participating in community projects as part of its Lowe’s Heroes program. (Lowe’s explained the program’s history last year in this piece.)

SECA landed on that program’s radar thanks to Graham Draper, a delivery driver for a Lowe’s retail store in Lancaster who grew up in Quarryville and spent a lot of time at the SECA park throughout the years.

Lowes consulted with SECA Director Rick Kerns over the summer to assess pressing needs and where they could help. And then? Last week? An enthusiastic crew of Lowes employees just showed up with materials and manpower to make things happen.

They got right to work putting edging around the playgrounds to hold in fresh mulch — which they provided. They replaced the fence around the playground. They painted the upstairs of the SECA building. They even raked and bagged leaves. And that was just part of what they did. It was all simply amazing.

“I appreciate this so much because I am sure they could have chosen a lot of other organizations to donate to but they picked ours because of the impression our programs had on one person,” Kerns said. “Also their efforts not only benefit our organization moving forward but they also benefit the community by providing a safer environment for everyone to enjoy our park.”