A letter from SECA’s director, Rick Kerns:

As the director of SECA, I am writing this letter to thank everyone for their support this past weekend. The revival of our plant sale was a huge success! We had quite a few individuals from the community that volunteered their time to help us with all of the tasks that needed to be done prior to and at the conclusion of the event. The amount of people that came out to the event was incredible. We witnessed many members of the community purchasing plants throughout the day and then at check-out, were also giving an extra donation to help support our cause.

Understanding the current circumstances that everyone is facing and the fact that Mother Nature gave us some winter like weather for this outdoors event, I feel makes the support that we received that much more amazing. Our last plant sale was held in 2012, so the reality of deciding to hold this event two weeks prior to it actually taking place required a lot of help from our board of directors and the community. A special thank you to Carol Gibson, who played a huge part in the planning and organizing that was done for this event. She also has a vast knowledge of plants that was very helpful to everyone involved.

I have been in my position now as the Director of SECA for little over a year and have developed an enormous amount of admiration for this community. Many say that the Southern End of Lancaster is a great place to live but I would also like to add to that statement that it is also a great place to work! Thank you to everyone that supported our event this past weekend as we move forward into the future and continuing to provide recreational opportunities for this wonderful community.

Sincerely, Rick Kerns SECA Director


We DO have some plants left and available for browsing outside the REC Center. Feel free to come by anytime and take what you’d like in exchange for any donation you wish. If nobody answers, please put your donation in an envelope and slip it under the door or  you can make a donation online. 

One final thank you to all the individuals who got out in the yards and brought us an amazing variety as well as the following businesses who stepped up with some incredible donations:

Groff’s Plant Farm


Kreider’s Market

Miller’s Greenhouses Inc.

Samuel Stoltzfus’s business on 272

Sunrise Greenhouses

Tansy Meadows