Sits and Tricks offers dog training focused around games!


Through games, Sits and Tricks teaches concepts that can be applied to all areas of life, resulting in real life results. 

Instructor: Quarryville Native, Raquel Neighoff

Location: SECA Inline Hockey Rink

Class Dates: April 2 to May 21, 2020, Thursdays, 6:30 pm *Postponed until further notice!

Class Fee:  $100

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We’re thrilled to welcome Sits and Tricks back to SECA this year. So if you and your pup need a little guidance, check it out.

Sits and Tricks Owner Raquel Neighoff – a Solanco graduate – now lives with her family in Marietta but said she welcomes any opportunity to spend time with Southern End dog owners.

“We all have similar lifestyles, visions for our dogs, similar events and activities that we participate in,” she said in an email. “It makes it easy to find common ground and bring the training home.”

You can find lots more about Raquel’s education and training methods on her website. Again, games play a huge part.

Engaging with dogs in games and play enhances training, builds confidence, solidifies relationships and achieves desired outcomes. This training focuses on innovation and problem-solving by identifying the core concepts lacking in a dog’s learning that are contributing to a struggle. The creativity in this type of training flips the problem-based approach on its head and helps to create a solution-based approach instead, she says.

Raquel said all her games tend to work well in SECA’S hockey rink. Some are about proximity. So those don’t actually require a lot of space. But the games that do? Raquel said the rink works perfectly — especially for those dog owners who are not quite as confident with their pups and appreciate the fact that they aren’t going to wander away from the enclosed space.

While Raquel now offers private training and classes all over the place, it all started with those she launched through SECA back in 2011. Her first class with us had three students enrolled.

“All three of them are all very close friends to this day and we chat and train and even participate in other activities together,” she said.

“Although I may have moved away, my roots will always be strong with SECA as my business has grown greatly because of the Southern End,” she said.

Questions about whether this training would be right for you and your pup? Raquel is happy to answer questions via