SECA’s 3rd Annual Boatyard War

Saturday, August 7

Sign in at 4 pm

Races begin at 4:30 pm

To enter, you must build a boat entirely out of cardboard and duct tape-nothing else!  Have a team of 2 boaters to cross the diving well without sinking.  Fastest time wins the prize!

To register, please call or email (717-806-0123 / your boat team name, names of members, along with a phone number or email where you can be reached incase we need to postpone for weather.


Some pics from last year’s war:

The lifeguards’ team took top prize last year.




Contestants Ruby & Aoife in “Sonic Speed.”

The wind picked up (working against them) just as these two set off on their crossing. But they paddled across quickly nonetheless!











Great effort, rough going for team Megalodon!


The tiniest entry 🙂

Mr. Rick and A.J. were after redemption this year for the Front Desk’s team. They got it.  Not ENTIRELY sure what Mr. Rick was doing with a pretzel box on his head. But maybe the thinking was that if they went down this year like they did last … he’d still have cardboard above water???