American Sign Language:

ASL Basics 2 Class

This class if for those who have completed the Basics 1 Beginner’s class and wish to learn and add more to their communicative skills in ASL.   Along with learning more vocabulary, there will be a strong emphasis on receiving communication signs.

Classes will run for 6 weeks, every Monday evening from 6 to 7 p.m. That’s September 9 through October 14.

Class will be held at the SECA Rec Center and taught by Judy Brown.

Fee: $42

Adults only

ASL Basics 1 (beginners) Class

This is the perfect starter class for those interested in beginning to learn sign language.  No experience necessary!

Classes will be held Monday and Thursday evenings, from 6-7 pm from November 4-November 21-(6 classes)

Fee:  $42

To register, complete SECA’s registration form and make payment to SECA. Mail to: SECA, PO Box 67, Quarryville, PA 17566 or drop off at the SECA Rec Center located at 299 Park Avenue in Quarryville. For more information call  717-806-0123 or email

Program Registration

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