Still available! ~ Get yours today!

We are pleased to offer discount tickets in cooperation with the Pennsylvania Recreation and Parks Society. SECA receives a small commission for each ticket sale. So thanks in advance for your purchase. The Dutch Wonderland discount tickets we had over the summer are now past their expiration date. But the others have some life left in them. So keep them in mind for your fall outings.


The Hershey Park tickets expire on Sept. 29, 2019

They are $55 for regular tickets and $44 for juniors (age 3-8)

That’s a bit better than the sale Hershey is offering online right now. Plus SECA gets a little bit of money out of it. So everybody wins.

National Aquarium, in Baltimore expires Jan. 30, 2020

$33 for an adult ticket and $21 per child

Here’s what they would cost if you buy from the aquarium.

Philadelphia Zoo expires Dec. 30, 2019

General admission is $19

That’s $5 off the regular adult price

DelGrosso’s is good for the 2019 season

These are $23

Honestly, you’d do slightly better to buy them online straight from the park right now. But we would get a little money so if you’re feeling SECA friendly …

Dorney Park is good for the 2019 season

These are $44

This was a pretty good deal when Wildwater Kingdom was open. But as you can see, our tickets are not your best option at this point for Dorney.

Call or e-mail us to let us know what you would like and we’ll arrange a pickup time either at the office.  It’s best to pay with cash or a check made out to SECA. (We can take credit cards … but there’s an additional 3 percent charge for that, so it kind of defeats your whole purpose.)

Please give us at least 24 hours notice before pickup.  717-806-0123 or seca@epixnet