Get yours today!

We are pleased to offer discount tickets in cooperation with the Pennsylvania Recreation and Parks Society. SECA receives a small commission for each ticket sale. So thanks in advance for your purchase.

Baltimore Aquarium
Adult (12+) Gate Price: $39.95 SECA Price: $33 (Save $6.95)
Child (3-11) Gate Price: $29.95 SECA Price: $21 (Save $8.95)

DelGrosso’s Amusement Park
All Day Fun Pass (rides & waterpark) Gate Price: $31.95 SECA Price: $23 (Save $8.95)

Dorney Park
Adult (48’’ or taller) Gate Price $61.95 SECA Price: $44 (Save $17.95)

Dutch Wonderland
Regular (ages 3-69) Gate Price: $47.66 SECA Price: $39 (Save $8.66)

Hershey Park Adult (9-54)
Gate Price: $69.80 SECA Price: $55 (Save $14.80)
Junior (3-8) Gate Price: $47.80 SECA Price: $44 (Save $3.80)

Philadelphia Zoo
General Admission (2+) Gate Price $24 SECA Price: $19 (Save $5)

Here’s how it works. These tickets aren’t stamped with any specific date but rather are good for use anytime during this season. Call or e-mail us to let us know what you would like and we’ll arrange a pickup time either at the pool or the office.  It’s best to pay with cash or a check made out to SECA. (We can take credit cards … but there’s an additional 3 percent charge for that, so it kind of defeats your whole purpose.)

Please give us at least 24 hours notice before pickup. We have limited supplies and aren’t sure if we’ll get more. So don’t wait if you want them. 717-806-0123 or seca@epixnet