Join us!

The pool will be open for Memorial Day Weekend, May 25-27, from 12 to 6 pm each day.

Regular hours begin on Solanco’s last day of school:  Tuesday, June 11.

Click on the Pool Pass button below for membership pricing. Pool regulars tend to find memberships well worth having. But they’re not needed to swim. We offer daily admission rates, too. 

All people on the same Membership Pass must live in the same household. Children 3 years old or younger are free.

 Daily Rate Schedule  Full Day  After 5 PM
 Regular  $8  $4
 Kids (ages 4-12/under 4 free)  $5 $3
 Seniors (over 60) $5 $3




Pool Hours:

Monday-Saturday:  12 to 8 pm*

Sunday:  12 to 6 pm

*On Home Swim Meet days, the pool will close at 4 pm.

Outdoor Pool Policies:

  • NO Alcohol, tobacco, e-cigarettes or drugs are permitted.
  • Children under the age of 13 years old must be accompanied by an adult 18 years of age or older.
  • No running, pushing, “rough housing”, or inappropriate behavior or language permitted.
  • Running, diving (in shallow areas), horseplay are prohibited.
  • Non-inflatable Coast Guard approved life jackets or certified personal flotation devices or swim suits constructed with non-inflatable flotation supports designed for the size of the child and appropriately secured may be worn in the pool. No flotation devices, hard toys or large inflatable items of any type allowed in the pool.
  • No LITTERING. Please dispose of all trash in proper receptacle.
  • No glass containers of any type are allowed in the pool area.
  • No inappropriate language or physical contact. We are a family facility!
  • Diaper-aged children must wear an approved swim diaper.
  • Underwater photography is not permitted.
  • Proper swim attire is required.
  • Underwater breath holding is not permitted.
  • No hanging on ropes or ladders.
  • Only soft water toys are permitted in the pool.
  • No sitting or standing on shoulders.
  • No food or drinks permitted in/near the pool.
  • Lap lanes are for lap swimmers only.
  • No animals are permitted in the pool complex, except valid service animals, on deck only.
  • Lifeguard has final authority.

Diving Board Policies:

  • Only one person allow on the board at a time.
  • NO flips, gainers, cartwheels, handstands, or hanging off of the diving board!
  • Only one bounce on the board is allowed before diving.
  • No running while on the diving board.
  • No general swimming allowed in the diving area
  • “Look before you leap”
  • Divers must swim directly to the nearest ladder and leave the diving area.
  • No swimming or playing in diving area when diving boards are being used.
  • Wait until the previous diver has cleared the landing area before you dive.

SECA Pool Inclement Weather Policy for Daily Guest Admissions:

A return pool pass will be issued only if the pool is closed due to inclement weather for more than half of the operating hours for the day. (Ex. Operating hours are 12pm-8pm for the day and due to inclement weather we close the pool at 3:30pm)  To receive a return pass, the guest must present a form of Identification (Drivers License, School ID) to the front desk. Return passes will not be issued without proper ID.

*Remember these policies are enforced to ensure the safety of you and your family so that you can enjoy our pool for many years to come.  Thank You


Swim Meets-Pool Closing at 4pm on the following dates for June:

  • Tuesday, June 18
  • Wednesday, June 26